Wake Up, Girls! (WUG) Yoshioka Mayu Post-Sendai Live Blog Post (2-25-2019) | My closet #70 (1-23-2019)

Blog post – https://ameblo.jp/wakeupgirls/entry-12442781115.html
My closet # 70 – https://ch.nicovideo.jp/seigura/blomaga/ar1723698

This is a little out-of-order but as an extra I decided to publish here some of the translated blog posts the members wrote after their final tour stop in Sendai that I originally posted in the WUG Discord. SSA Final Live might be their final show but they always considered their Sendai stop to be their final live so I feel it’s just as important to get out there their thoughts about it and their sentiments about the then-approaching Final Live and disbandment.

I’ll start with Mayu + her MyCloset post about “Album” since it’s relevant and move on to the rest in the next posts.

[Context notes, omissions, and other references in square brackets]

“How much longer do I have left to be together with everyone after this… If only things could stay like this forever…”

Whenever I think of the energy of the past few days, I feel unbelievably happy and sad at the same time. Because it hurts knowing that the happier I feel now would only make the emptiness I’d feel later all the more apparent.

It feels strange. Hopefully, it’s only a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It better be. My heart wouldn’t be able to take more of it. lol

Good evening, Mayu here.

Our final show in Sendai just wrapped up and, with it, our long-running tour. I have no regrets. I’ve done all there is to do and I conveyed all that I wanted to convey in both words and song. I’m sure it got through to everyone.

I wonder if it got through to our characters though. Perhaps they were actually with us there on stage in their hometown of Miyagi, our starting point that has always been watching over us as we strive to improve.

Even Minami’s grandma came to watch (would you believe they even handmade a banner for her? Wow.). The anime really touched a lot of people.

[In reference to the anime where they did the same thing for Minyami]

The four shows were so dramatic. Each of them were different from the last and we did our best to kick it up a notch after each show. I felt on that stage how fun it all truly is.

First off, I’ll talk about the planned segment. It’s a continuation from Part 1’s and it was handled by none other than Airi. I know a lot of people have praised her dancing but I want to point out how well put-together she is. I don’t think there’s a lot of people out there who can put on a non-stop performance like she did and her selections usually have a deeper meaning to them. Like it’s trying to convey a profound message. That’s something about her that I always look up to. lol. It’s still February but the Sakura trees are in full bloom.

Next, Tohoku’s Princesses, Kaya and Airi. Owing to their calmer dispositions, they did a soothing performance, unlike me who can’t help but be all over the place… They’re the perfect choices for Tohoku and its gentle atmosphere.

By the way, for Part 3, we showcased different outfits each show. For Sendai, we did Polaris and TUNAGO.

There’s a reason why we chose the two for Sendai—they bring so many memories. Polaris for the final episode of Shin Shou. TUNAGO for all the work we did during the 4th live tour.

[4th Live tour was significant to them in many ways since it was almost wholly organized by them, from the setlist to the TUNAGO costume itself.]

Also, I know it’s the final show but I didn’t expect the amount of flowers!

Thank you as always. There’s even a one from Kano-oga Benrioki, and Iizaka Onsen [Respectively, the variety show she’s doing narration work and the onsen she’s representing]! Thank you! I’m glad because there are also people in Tohoku welcoming me home.

SSA is our extra stage.

It’s safe to say that I call our last show in Sendai our final show. It caps off everything we’ve done for the tour and I have to say, it was spectacular. Like a battle of wills. It’s something one won’t experience twice and it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for everyone who’ve been with us the whole way throughout the tour. What’s more, it’s something that only we could do in Sendai and no where else.

Don’t forget that.

If only one could safely store their memories in a box while they’re still vivid. But memories fade, that’s just how it goes. So all we can do is to make sure those memories stay alive in everyone for as long as possible. Memories About WUG. About Tohoku. I hope these unforgettable memories engrave a lasting place in your heart, no matter how little it may be.

That way, we’d keep on existing.

What a wonderful present… this beautiful sight. Seeing everyone united gives me strength once again! I’m sure we can handle SSA.

Well… I know I’m being sentimental but I ended that show with a smile! I didn’t break down and cry, I smiled, joked, and laughed a lot. It made me think that this energy is only something WUG can do.

I’m so glad that it’s the seven of us. I was able to reach the end because of them. Working with them is nothing short of bliss. We laughed, we cried, then laughed again. We could talk for what seems to be forever and still wish it wouldn’t end.

They’re the best. Doing things with them is something I will undeniably treasure.

I want to say that to the me from 6 years ago. To be confident and take the WUG audition. That an exciting future awaits. You know the saying about how a person’s perspective on life changes when they go to India? It really does.

[I’ll add some context here from Mayu’s appearance in Wasshi’s other radio show and some stuff that gets mentioned in other places, Mayu had confidence issues mostly stemming from her experiences when she was young. Her mom is a great singer who used to be in a band since high school, and could not “bear to have a daughter who can’t sing.” Mayu was bad at singing so her mother took it upon herself to train her (her karaoke sessions became that) and she was so strict that they often got into arguments. But even so, she entered numerous auditions (NMB and Morning Musume as some of them), failing all of them, making her less confident as it went on, until she passed the WUG audition, where she was at her lowest, and she started feeling a little confident that she had what it took, hence Hope Revived.]

Thank you everyone, friends, and supporters for coming to Sendai. Thank you so much. Thank you for the love and appreciation.

WUG is the best!

[Announcements, new fan club video from the talk event, 2 new stage shows for her, Tokyo 7th Sisters Anniversary, etc.]

Finally, for SSA’s extra stage, why don’t I write down a tune that’s been floating in my head lately.


[Roughly: Watch over us as we blaze a new trail for ourselves]

It kinda feels too real for us right now! Perhaps it’s a message from [Shimada] Mayu…

See ya!

My closet # 70 “Album”

This is from Mayu’s weekly Niconico column “My closet” where she talks about random personal topics, usually about a “thing”. The topic this week was “Album” and it was about their Wake Up, Best! MEMORIAL Album.

Sorry for the sudden announcement but WUG’s compilation album just came out today!

Finally, it’s on sale and I urge everyone, even those who have only heard about us to check it out!

It’s a huge volume filled with our songs and it includes 4 new songs. I asked a bit from those who have already gotten it and they were all glowing praise. Honestly, I was moved to tears. A lot of tears.

Not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought about the new songs so hopefully I get to talk about it in detail somewhere. And I didn’t expect it would be that thick when I first got my hands on it. (laughs) at least now I know what an 8 disk volume looks like…

It also reminded me of when I bought a single for the first time. Back then, I was young and didn’t think about music as deeply as I do now. I used to think that albums were hand-picked selections of an artist’s best parts but that has changed a bit.

I think of them more now as the artist at their best form at that moment. It’s full of everything they wanted to convey and everything they worked hard to achieve.

When I think about our album, I think of everyone who has loved and supported us. From all our old songs to new, it’s filled with our feelings to them.

That is WUG at its best at that very moment.

So I’ll gather my confidence and say… please check it out and tell me how you feel about it, okay!

I want to talk about it with everyone! Let’s talk about WUG!

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