Wake Up, Girls! (WUG) Final Live Letters

Transcribed source: https://www.famitsu.com/news/201903/10173048.html

Near the end of their Final Live at the Saitama Super Arena, the girls read letters that they prepared for the audience. They were addressed to fans, supporters, family, and themselves as they take their next step. They’re more of an experience so look forward to it on the Blu-ray.

They are presented in-order and they were transcribed as they were read—including laughs, sniffles, and cheers—so you’ll notice a few quirks.

Takagi Miyu (Okamoto Miyu)

To our fans,
I want to take this time to wholeheartedly say to all of you, “Thank you.”
Thank you for knowing about us.
Thank you for sticking with us as we grew.
Thank you for visiting Tohoku.
Thank you for growing our fanbase.
Thank you for coming here today.
Thank you for supporting us all these years.

I also say this to those who have been supporting us.
Thank you for all the wonderful projects, music, and choreography.
Thank you for the cute clothes and makeup that make us look nice.
Thank you for the programs that brought out our individual personalities.
Thank you seniors, juniors, and colleagues for appreciating our work.
Thank you friends and family for watching over for us.

Also, to the girls, who I see as family…
It’s a little embarrassing to say but thank you!
Nanamin, Minyami, Mayushii, Aichan, Kayatan, Yoppi,
Thank you for the miracle of having met you!
Thank you that we’re together, overcoming trial after trial.

Everyone, did you have fun today? (loud cheers)
Thank you for giving us the best and biggest stage!
Thank you! (Thank you!)
Thank you! (Thank you!)
Thank you! (Thank you!)
I love you all!!

All these irreplaceable encounters will forever be my motivation as I move forward as a voice actress. I’ll wo… work hard. No stumbling over words this time! (laughter)

From here on, I hope to continue saying many more “Thank you”s!!!

This has been Takagi Miyu as Okamoto Miyu.
Thank you for everything!

Yamashita Nanami (Hisami Nanami)

To our fans,
This is my first time writing a letter addressed to all of you.
I’ve received so many letters, and it makes me glad that they all say how much you like me.
Thank you!

You’ve shared thoughts about the characters I portray, the projects I’ve been part of, events I attended, and end it by writing how you appreciate me for being me, grateful that I’m here, alive, with you right now.
You always write so much in those letters! (laughter)

I hope some of you are here today… are you? (cheers)
It’s because of all your love that I’ve gotten this far.
Thank you so much!

To the girls,
Even now, I feel like you’ve carried me all the way here.
Thank you for bearing with a person like me all these years and seeing me as more than a friend and a classmate.
Sharing all the joys, pains, and trials with you made me who I am now.
I’m very grateful that I met you all.
Thank you!

To my friends and family here today, I’ve may have changed a lot from my homely country self, but don’t worry.
I haven’t changed one bit deep inside thanks to the girls and our fans looking out for me every day.

To our staff, thanks to you, everyday girls like us were loved by so many people.
Thank you so much for everything you prepared for this final show, including the walkway.
Thank you!

WUG is the core of who I am as a voice actress.
And that won’t change even as we end today. It will always be a part of me!
I won’t disappoint all the support our fans have given us.
So I’ll keep on going tomorrow!

This has been Yamashita Nanami as Hisami Nanami.
Thank you for everything!!

Tanaka Minami (Katayama Minami)

To our fans,
Thank you for spending your time to see us today!
Everyone, did you have the time of your lives? (cheers)
I’d be really glad if you did.

Things that start must eventually come to an end.
I cried the most in my life the day I learned WUG was going to disband.
Thank you for choosing Wake Up, Girls! out of all the anime and groups out there!

Thank you for loving Wake Up, Girls!
No amount of gratitude is enough.
Each of us had gone through many insurmountable situations, but we were able to overcome them all because you’re always there to support us.
And because the girls are together with me.

We started from nothing and shared everything, the good and the bad.
WUG is the shining presence in my life that I will forever cherish.
You’re my comrades and we overcame so many trials together, including our disbandment.
You are my rivals. My friends. My family.

Miyu, Nanami, Mayushii, Airi, Kaya, Yoppi.
You will forever have a place in my heart that can never be replaced.
I am who I am right now because of you. Thank you so much.
You have my… oh no. sniffle
You have my support, wherever you go!
I love you with all my heart!

Fate brought us together for the audition and it completely turned my life around.
There’s a lot I’ve yet to do as a voice actress!
So many characters I’ve yet to portray, so many people out there yet to hear my voice.
I couldn’t do anything before, let alone sing and dance, but now they’re part of my arsenal.
I’ll carry the things I learned through WUG and show them off in as many places I can!
Believe in me and watch out for me!

Because of WUG, I met and connected with so many people.
I started in Sendai and got to travel Tohoku!
I met so many fans in so many places. I will never forget them!
Finally, to everyone who worked on WUG, our fans, the girls, and Katayama Minami… sniffle
Thank you so much!

We’ll see each other again someday with our brightest smiles!

This has been Tanaka Minami as Katayama Minami.
Thank you for everything!

Yoshioka Mayu (Shimada Mayu)

To everyone,
Did you enjoy our parade of memories? (cheers)
Did we get you to smile at your brightest? (cheers)
Were we at our best? (cheers)
Are you happy? (cheers)
I never would have been able to say these words six years ago.

A lot of things changed since then.
I achieved my dream of becoming a voice actress, yet I still got opportunities to write.
I used to hate singing but now I love it.
I became someone who people see as awe-inspiring.
Tohoku used to be unknown to me but it is now my home.
And now we’re here at SSA.

Futures I thought to be impossible were made possible.
I became part of WUG, became “Mayushii”, and did activities for the past six years.
All of which ends today.

It’s not like I’m dying but it feels like a part of me will start to disappear.
To be honest, I’m scared.
I was able to achieve so many things because of WUG.
I was able to overcome so many things because it was the seven of us.
We really are the best. (cheers)

I often look at you all whenever we perform and every time, I can’t help but smile.
The seven of us met at that fateful audition and we wouldn’t be who we are if one of us were missing.
Miyu, Nanami, Minami, Airi, Kaya, Yoppi, and I.
I know this has been said before but the seven of us make Wake Up, Girls!

But after this, I won’t be standing as your center anymore.
We are all going our separate ways.
We started at the same place and once we reach our goal, will be opening new doors, going forward at our own pace to wildly different places.

I feel anxious but somehow okay.
Because the six years we shared will never go to waste.
That we will always help each other.
This view we see is proof of that.

Don’t forget that WUG was here.
And as long as you keep the memory of WUG in your hearts, our stories will continue to shine forever.

So I say once more, what happens to Wake Up, Girls! is up to you! (applause)
Finally, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Thank you for giving me that.

This has been Yoshioka Mayu as Shimada Mayu of Wake Up, Girls!

Eino Airi (Hayashida Airi)

To everyone who had encountered WUG, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m glad because if it weren’t for WUG, I would not have met many of you.

Even now, it feels unbelievable that I’m standing here today at SSA.
If I hadn’t auditioned, if I didn’t love anime at the time, this wouldn’t have happened. Everything has its place, everything is connected. I fully realize that now.

The activities, connections, the sights we’ve seen, everything we needed to go through on this path…
It was hard and painful and there were times that it made me feel worthless.
But everything happens for a reason and it made me who I am today.
And I’m very grateful for it.

To the girls who had been with me all the way,
Miyu, Nanami, Mayushii, Minami, Kaya, Yoppi
It’s hard to put into simple words our journey from start to finish.
I’m so happy that WUG is the seven of us.
I don’t think there’s a group as great as us, no, I absolutely believe that there isn’t.
No other group in the world shines as brightly once we work together as one.
We’re one of a kind.

It doesn’t have to happen now.
Maybe it will take five, ten, even twenty years. But I believe there will come a time that people will look back and realize how great we were.
I’m grateful we took that audition.

To our ever-supportive fans, your energy and smiles never fail to cheer me up.
Thank you for finding us!

To our managers and everyone involved in WUG,
It’s thanks to you we’d been able to push ourselves as hard as we could.

Spring is coming and the sakura trees will be in bloom.
It might sound like I’m stating a fact but it’s not.
They bloom every year to remind us of the changing of seasons and to bestow their beauty upon us.
They’re hard to grow but with love, they will bloom beautiful flowers.
And there is beauty present even in those that have only partially bloomed.
I aim to become such a person.

Like a SAKURA. Eino Airi.

Okuno Kaya (Kikuma Kaya)

“I’m Okuno Kaya from Iwate Prefecture!”

The evaluators’ pens moved the moment I uttered those words
and thus, my WUG journey began.

Miyu, whose voice was so cute, I knew right away she’ll pass the audition.
Nanami, who I faced off in Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide our hotel rooms.
Minami, whose shota voice is a godsend!
Mayushii, who is there to hear me out when I need serious advice.
Aichan, who I enjoy having dream talks with and taught me how to be strong.
And Yoppi, who got lost while we were jogging. (laughter)
She’s such a funny leader. (laughs)

We’ve gone through a lot and overcame them together.
(faces each of the members) Thank you. Thank you.

Oh, I might not always be able to join you if we decide to eat together after all this. But don’t worry, you know that’s how I am. Hehe. (laughs)

It took years since I started working for me to break out of my shell
It was as if half of me was submerged underwater
But that’s not the case now.

I shine when only a handful of people understand what I do.
And our fans would tell me that’s what they love about me.
Thank you so much for trying to know someone as utterly incomprehensible as me.
Rest assured that I’ll always keep everyone guessing!
And someday I’ll bring you back to Tohoku again, count on it.
So be sure to come along when the time comes. (*spoken in Iwate dialect)

To the girls, who are precious to me,
To our managers, who compliment us for all our efforts,
To our make up artists, who always send us off to the stage with a smile,
To our outfitters, who never fail to make our time in the dressing room enjoyable,
To our two beloved dance instructors,
To our fans who always gave their all to support us,
To those who have just seen us perform today and those who will know of us soon after,
To everyone who had known about us, allow me to express my sincerest gratitude,

Thank you for everything!

Tomorrow will come but my feelings will never change
About why Wake Up, Girls! came to be
And my resolve to find the reason why I was chosen to be part of it
My heart will always be where home is

And finally, to Kikuma,
Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to become a voice actress.

This has been Okuno Kaya as Kikuma Kaya of Wake Up, Girls!

Aoyama Yoshino (Nanase Yoshino)

To everyone,
Thank you so much for coming to our Final Live!

It has been nine months since our important announcement.
And six years, or to be exact, two thousand one hundred and sixty-seven days since our group was formed.

How quickly time flies.

I was in my first year of high school when I knocked on WUG’s door, eager and enthusiastic.
But what welcomed me were grueling days at the training camp, and lessons where I realized how incapable I really am.
I faced frustration after frustration, even in the work I dreamed of doing.
Alone, I’d cry and worry, unsure of who to turn to.

But even so, I never thought of giving up.
Because in spite of it all, I had fun being with the girls.
Before I knew it, the girls and our fans became family, became home, to me. sniffle
The kind I took for granted and assumed that we’ll stay together no matter what.

The decision to disband came in the midst of that.
It finally became clear to me that this home I call WUG won’t exist forever, and I realized just how precious it all really was.
I knew all along that our time together would end someday.
Now that it will, I want it to end having absolutely no regrets.

I must have made all sorts of mistakes…. even today.
But I want to spend each and every moment of the past nine months saying,
“Thank you,” “I’m sorry,” and “I love you.”
Did those feelings reach you today as well? (cheers)

Finally, to Nanase Yoshino,
You always gave it your all.
Countless times, you pushed me to do better and saved me many times more.
I will always look up to you.
Thank you for choosing me.

To our fans,
Sorry that you have to constantly bear with my worn-out speeches.
Thank you for coming to see us here.
Thank you for all the smiles you’ve shown us all these years.

And to the girls,
We’ve faced so many challenges that were impossible if it weren’t for the seven of us.
I often thought about how useless I am.
But WUG somehow never felt right if any of us were missing.
Thank you for accepting me as your leader.

Tomorrow, I’ll carry every bit of love and experience I’ve received through WUG.
As proof that my resolve wasn’t in vain.
As I begin the second chapter of my life.

The second chapter of all our lives begins tomorrow. (excitement)
So let’s face it with our heads held up high!

May WUG continue to live on in all our hearts for as long as we live!
I love you all!

This has been Wake Up, Girls!’ Leader, Aoyama Yoshino!

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